How to Increase Your Turnover with a State of the Art Plate Bending Machine

The many available profile and plate bending machines are used for bending flat metal sheet as well as pipes. To meet the different requirements in the engineering industry, they vary in numbers of rolls, bending state (hot or cold), geometry (fixed or variable), and symmetry.
A modern bending machine furthermore often brings new technological achievements, such as motorized roller feed tables, overhead and side supports, powered centering and squaring devices. These latest advancements eventually
- increase automation, and thus reduce labor needs,
- mass-produce quality parts flowing off the machines,
- allow for accurate high-speed plate bending technology,
- require no extra material,
- and maximize the facilities’ turnaround.

But you can get even more mileage out of your plate bender by considering 4 critical factors that increase your turnover (download free whitepaper).

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  • Dinsdag 16 September 2014
    Now Bending 12 Inches Thick Steel Plates
    Now Bending 12 Inches Thick Steel Plates

    The plate bending industry has achieved a new record in terms of strength and size. Just recently, one of our partners started a series of attempts to cold-roll 12 inch thick (~305 mm) steel plates. The first trials not surprisingly were of success, as the heavy plate bending machine (around 500 tons) makes use of a top roll with a diameter of 55 inches (~1,400 mm). 

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    Designs that would have been dismissed just a couple of years ago now seem to be ready for mass-production.
    Find out more here and here.

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  • Woensdag 3 September 2014
    Preventing Hourglass and Barreling Effects in Rolling
    Preventing Hourglass and Barreling Effects in Rolling

    An often observed problem in plate rolling is the hourglass and barreling shape. While the former is caused by excessive crowning, the latter is caused by too weak crowning. In both cases however, this insufficient precision is a result of uneven pressure along the rolls, as they are usually more rigid near the ends.
    Fortunately, two simple solutions have helped to overcome this problem, so that altering the pressure manually or adjusting the product afterwards is not necessary anymore. First of all, oversized plate rolls have become common tools in the plate bending industry and therewith casually solved the problem of uneven bending.

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    Second, in case of facilities which have no use for oversized rolls, an electronic balancing system (EBS) integrated in more recent plate bending machines can now recognize irregularities during the bending process and automatically adjusts the pressure.

    Read more here and in our latest whitepaper.

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What do professionals say?

  • Bert de Graaf

    We are very happy with the plate bending machine of Faccin.
    And with Bodax as their agent Faccin and Bodax are reliable partners.

    Bert de Graaf Manager Purchasing STORK
  • L. Vermeulen

    We are very happy with the Faccin plate bending machines that the company Bodax delivered. Bodax is a reliable partner.
    They do what they promise

    L. Vermeulen VMC-Veluw Metal Creations
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